Lavender Lemon Iced Tea Mocktail

Lavender Lemon Iced Tea Mocktail

Treat yourself with this creamy, springtime mocktail featuring our Little Bear herbal tea. Best served on a porch while soaking up some sun.



Lavender Lemon Iced Tea Mocktail


1 tbsp Little Bear Loose Leaf Tea

8 oz hot water

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Honey, drizzled (to taste)

1 scoop ice

4 oz sparkling water

4 oz cream

Slice of lemon

1 sprig fresh lavender



  1. Brew a cup of tea with 1 tbsp Little Bear tea with 8 oz hot water and squeeze in the juice of 1/2 lemon; Allow to cool to room temperature
  2. Add drizzle of honey to a glass before adding a scoop of ice
  3. Pour the cooled Little Bear tea into the glass
  4. Pour in the 4 oz sparkling water, then pour the 4 oz cream to fill the remainder of the glass
  5. Top with a slice of lemon and sprig of lavender
  6. Sip and enjoy :)
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