Mix It Up with Iced Matcha

Mix It Up with Iced Matcha

This sunshine has us dreaming up all kinds of frosty, refreshing drinks and this month we’re seeing green with all our favorite seasonal matcha creations. These are perfect for starting your day with a mellow caffeine boost or a midday pick-me-up. Add a splash of one of our botanical syrups–we love Lavender or Vanilla. The variations are endless!

Did you know … We offer our signature Matcha Latte blend (with a hint of vanilla and eco-friendly sugar) AND high quality Unsweetened Matcha powder to give you full control over your perfect drink!


Vegan Lavender Iced Matcha Latte

Scoop one tablespoon of Matcha Latte powder into a small bowl. Add Lavender Syrup and mis with a couple ounces of hot water until dissolved.* Add 3oz of cold water and pour into glass. Top the matcha with a generous scoop of ice and slowly pour a few ounces of cold oat milk on top.** Finish with an additional drizzle of Lavender Syrup and a sprig of fresh lavender.

Oregon Strawberry Iced Matcha Latte

In the bottom of a glass, add a handful of ripe Oregon strawberries. Muddle with a generous pour of Vanilla Syrup. Add ice. Scoop one tablespoon of Unsweetened Matcha into a small bowl and mix with a couple ounces of hot water until dissolved.* Pour the matcha into the glass over the ice. Top with a few ounces of cold milk**, and additional dash of syrup and a strawberry garnish. 

*We like to use a matcha whisk or electric drink mixer.

**Use a frother to get that beautiful separation between the matcha and milk. 


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